It is commonly understood that fatigue has a detrimental effect on performance. Just like a marathoner runner struggles to sustain pace in the closing stages of a race, mental fatigue can reduce the performance of an office worker, a student, or a gamer.

At MaddCog, we help gamers understand how…

Much has been written about performing at your best when in flow state, or ‘the zone’. Whether it is sport, work, art, gaming or any other performance driven pursuit, flow has been considered the ideal mindset since it was first documented in 1975.

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What is Flow?

The simplest way to describe flow is…

Have you ever wanted a way to quantify how well you play in League of Legends?

The League of Legends grade system works quite well, but also feels like it lacked a bit of resolution and has unexpected grades at times. …

Imagine playing Xbox and knowing when you were going to play well and when you were about to make an error. You would win more, increase your ranking, and enjoy your gaming more.

Sounds like a cheat doesn’t it?

MaddCog helps gamers play at their best by quantifying mental performance…

Imagine if you knew you were likely to make a mistake before you even made it.

I have a problem. I have an extremely competitive personality, I love to win, but I am not really good at anything. This leads to a lot of frustration as I try really hard…

Ever wondered why one day you perform at your best, then the next day you struggle like a noob? Your level of skill hasn’t changed, yet your performance has.

Enter cognitive fatigue.

Just as your body gets tired if you go for a run or play a game of football…

Ben Wisbey

Performance Scientist at MaddCog

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